Thank you for understanding me whenever I have my mood swings and thank you for always telling me that you love me. 

Whoops. Gulat ako hahaha sweetest

Let me tell you a story. He wasn’t replying to my facebook messages.I thought he has another girl or whatsoever. That Monday night, I was ranting about him to a friend. Then, my friend fell asleep, and did not text back. I decided to sleep, then after a few minutes my phone rang and an unknown number was calling. I answered. It was him saying he’s already home and he wanted to see me. He asked what day I’m available. I said tomorrow is the only day, and I’m in Sucat. He told me he will go to Sucat. And the next day,he’s with me.

In celebration of the Lenten Season, I’ll be sacrificing texting and social media. I will go online from 8:00pm-8:30pm only starting tomorrow. 

When someone made you feel special then at one point, leaves you hanging. Now what do I have to do?

I miss him. I don’t know why. I miss his voice and his stories at night. 

I think, I should blog about him, too. ;)